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Tarali as a Performing Artist

Tarali is an absolutely mesmerizing stage performer. Her individual shows are a mixture of her own songs, Assamese folk and Satriya music.

Her bands

Tarali Sarma and her MOONBEAMS

Tarali formed her band MOONBEAMS which is a collaboration of some of the finest musicians of North East India. The music and performance of MOONBEAMS sounds very interesting and uncommon because it is a beautiful combination of North Eastern folk with Sufi, Classical and Rock.

MOONBEAMS is a highly remarkable and appreciated band which continues to mesmerize audience of every age with their super power presentation.


LOKAMANTHAN is a folk orchestral band comprising of folk music and dance designed by Tarali and supported by IPTA. In fact LOKAMANTHAN is the brainchild of IPTA.

The orchestra includes the varied music of the various ethnic tribes and groups of Assam followed by dance.An absolutely colourful folk band loved and highly admired by audiences everywhere.

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Tarali as a Singer

Tarali ‘s first solo album was under the banner of Saraswati Communication titled ABHIMAAN released in 1999, followed by six more solo albums under the same banner.

  5. PARVEEN SULTANAR GEET (a remake of the songs of the legendary singer Parveen Sultana)
  6. BORGIT ( Devotional composition of Vasnavite saint Srimanta Shankardeva and saint Sri Sri Madhab Deva)

Tarali started her own production company called WINDSONGS in 2012 and produced her solo 2 solo albums under her company.



Another significant albums of Tarali is
10. ABIXARI PRIYA an album of light classical songs.

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Tarali as a Music Director

Tarali started her music direction in films in 2002. Her first film as music director was Manju Borah’s Akashi Torar Kothare. This film also fetched her the RAJAT KAMAL award, the highest film award for playback singing for her renderation of a kakuti Ghoxa (devotional verse and composition composed by the Vasnavite saint Madhab Deva who was a disciple of Vasnavite saint Srimanta Shankardeva.) Read More

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